Happy New Year of Food Trucks!

Hey everyone!


Yesterday, Saturday the 9th, was Eat the Street’s and Street Grindz first event of the year! These two organizations work in cooperation to bring 40 or so food trucks together in a permanent position on a street block. I haven’t actually been yet, it’s on my list! But that is not it, they also do public events and organize a food themed night once a month.  

Anyways, on Saturday they worked with Kapolei Lofts to celebrate the recently opened Kapolei apartments as well as celebrate a new year of good food!


The food was mostly deep fried or some type of sushi with an ambiguous sauce. I say this in the kindest way possible, it was the most amazing looking comfort food ever! The best part of the entire day was the tea from Tea on Fleek.


Oh my gosh, I cannot stress how happy this drink made me. I tried two different flavors, lemon ginger and lilikoi sunrise. Lemon ginger was the best, despite it being a little too sweet and not having enough ginger… These teas also helped beat the unbearable heat, this is what Christmas looks like on Oahu:


Not to mention the block party was held on the hotter part of the island, at the hottest time of the day… Oh well, just part of island life!

Heres my instagram picture of my delicious pad thai lunch! I am going to be posting a video soon, check it out! Also, I am very impressed with Kapolei Loft’s instagram team, they liked my picture within 10 minuets of me posting it!

Check out my flickr for more of my block party photos!

Have a great week everybody! 😀


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