Try Something New: Penpalling!



Hey everyone! Notice the new layout? I just wasn’t feeling inspired with my other one, besides, I think this one is easier to navigate. What do you think?

Today I am introducing a new series! Try Something New is inspired by my New Year’s Resolution to be more brave. At the end (ish) of every month, I am going to report back here on the new thing that I tried! This may be an activity (like today’s) or a recipe, new place or anything else that may come up. If you have any suggestions or want to try this challenge yourself, I would love to hear from you!

Without further ado, Penpalling! I must admit, my interest in penpalling was inspired by the Duck and the Owl’s 500 letter challenge. Good luck, Kaitlyn and Sarah! Yesterday I got my first letter (or parcel, as Kaitlyn calls them!) from them and I literally could not stop smiling. Earlier this week I got my first letter from a penpal I contacted on Instagram. Who knew Instagram was such a wonderful device? There is a multitude of accounts that help you find other penpals around your age from all over the world! I was able to find two penpals within a few days, so exciting!!

I don’t think I am crazy enough to try to send 500 letters (although I think this is a wonderful, fantastic, goal!) but maybe 100? Handwritten letters are a dying art, and it is up to us to save it. Letters are such a great way to connect with people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. I can’t wait to “meet” people from all over the world through writing!

Penpalling, however, is only the first part of this New Thing. Have you heard of Card Bombers Anonymous? This is a wonderful club started by Tanya of Lucky44. She describes it as, “a club. At the start of every month, the captain of Card Bombers Anonymous (CBA) emails it’s members (aka kindness ninjas) the name and postal address of the lucky card bombing recipient. All the members of the club then send anonymously a card, letter, picture, quote, kind word or postcard to the nominated card bomb recipient.  This is done in the hope that the recipient is inundated with love and kindness for a whole month by complete strangers. It could be 5 cards. It could be 20. I hope it could be hundreds.” Read more of her inspiring story here.

Lets just say I jumped at the chance to become a Kindness Ninja. I really love this idea, getting a letter in the mail makes everyone happy.



In the name of this artistic pursuit, I am devoting the entire day to tea drinking, letter writing and New Girl watching! Have a wonderful week, everyone!

But before you go, a little bit of penpal promotion: want to become penpals? Email me at or DM me on instagram. 🙂

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