The Glowbash 5K


Before the run started!

Last night I participated in a night time scavenger hunt held in Honolulu. The Glowbash 5K involved a list of cryptic clues leading to places around the city, a medal for all participants and lots of running around.

I will admit, this is not usually my type of thing. But in the spirit of bravery, I decided to give it a try. It was wonderful! The scavenger hunt began in Honolulu Beach Park where there were three tents. One had a DJ playing loud music and a disco ball flashing, which added to the fun vibe created by glow sticks, shimmering pink and purple dreads and other glow accessories. There was every sort of person there: families, runners, couples and a group of men proudly wearing matching shirts that displayed a unicorn and a rainbow. Which made the event even better, everyone who attended was completely themselves and proud of it.

My favorite group was a Star Wars inspired one. There was a Leia inspired makeup, another in a R2-D2 dress and a man dressed up as Han Solo with his trusty companion, Chewbacca the Brown Furry Dog. (Although, half way through the run Han Solo mysteriously disappeared… A sad moment for all of us.) Throughout the night I found myself constantly trailing behind them and even went as far as to call myself a Stalk-Trooper…


A quick snap of the Star Wars group. 

People aside, the list of clues lead us to places such as the beach, Honolulu Museum, St. Andrew’s Priory and the Iolani Palace. All of which look incredibly different in the dark, and almost more beautiful.

I highly suggest taking a leap of faith and going on a night time scavenger hunt! This does not have to be an activity only enjoyed by kids. 😀  But keep in mind, iPhones don’t like taking photos in the dark…


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5 thoughts on “The Glowbash 5K

  1. Love your photos – esp the blurry one/ and what a cool event !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, this looks like so much fun! They’ve just started doing some glow in the dark night time runs in London but I’ve yet to be brave enough to join in.


    • It was pretty great 😀 In the dark nobody can judge you and everything seems different…. In a good way, usually! I think London would be an amazing place to see at night, or at anytime really…


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