Are you an overthinker? Sometimes it feels like I spend months in my head. How is it October, when I can’t even remember when September started? Since the start of school I haven’t been creating as much as I would like too. I think about being creative all of the time, how I would love to have a project to work on and to feel proud about. But the endless hours at school drain all of the purpose from my steps. It shouldn’t be this way, right?

Today was different. Today, words filled my brain, unorganized and chaotic. They made a mess of all of my “To Do Lists.” I thought if I planned everything precisely, if I color coded the tests, the studying and the meetings, I would find time for myself. That, somehow, there would be a crack, a little sliver of time, that I could call mine.

I’m done waiting. I’m done hoping that my daily task list will run short and I’ll have a moment to catch my breath. Today was the day I decided to stop waiting, and to finally let these words that have been building inside of me out.

Here are my words. Here are the hours I told myself I could wait a little longer. Here is the proof that To Do Lists are not the decision makers. In the end, the pen- the hand- the brain- the thoughts are what give the tasks importance. It isn’t the scribbled words or little box next to them, waiting to be checked. A task is only as important as we make it to be.


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“I’m fed up with Someday. Of always looking forward. Of always wishing and waiting. Of concerning myself with the life I hope to happen over the one I am already living. I want to exist in the now. To be happy and satisfied here, with what I have and nothing else.”

  • Beau Taplin


Can we all take a moment to appreciate how lovely and fitting this quote is?

Go check out her brilliant instagram account… and mine too while you’re at it 😉 

Leave a comment about what waiting for “someday” means to you and have a good day!

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