Welcome to A Document of Paradise, an O’ahu based blog.

I’m Taylor, a girl made up of ink and spilt coffee. I have a passion for photography, adventures, and art. I used to write for The Odd Land of Me. Currently, I am fighting in the ant-apocalypse, which is a very real thing here on O’ahu.

O’ahu is one of eight Hawaiian islands and is the only island with a real city. Honolulu, our capital, is an up and coming area. There is a new vibe that is coming alive with art festivals, unique fashion and inventive restaurants. I want to explore this new atmosphere of Islanders and document my adventures with pictures and words. I would love for you to join me and experience what O’ahu is becoming. I can promise you, this will not be like any travel book you have ever read before.  

I would like to welcome you to the impossible, informal and occasionally idiotic blog, A Document of Paradise. I hope you enjoy reading and exploring O’ahu’s revival with me!

Please comment and don’t be afraid to email me at anywaysblog2015@gmail.com.
You could also find me on






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